Many firms see direct marketing as primarily a tool for building relationships, a new survey reveals.

According to research by AEO, almost a third (30 per cent) of marketers view the platform as a way to facilitate discussions and interactions with potential clients and chase business leads.

Meanwhile, just a quarter of respondents said they use public relations to generate leads, suggesting that direct marketing is more effective for attracting sales.

Around five per cent of respondents said print advertising is ideal for pursuing business leads, while three per cent said the same of internet advertising.

Diarmuid Beary, managing director of Display Wizard, noted that exhibitions and trade shows can also be a good way for companies to market their goods, as such tactics gives them a way to “demonstrate the quality of their products or services face to face”.

Writing in Cebus, Michelle Nicholson, owner of Whiz Bang Boom Promotions, recently urged marketers to make sure their communications are permission-based so their client relationships do not go sour.

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