Improving the relevance of B2B marketing content should be one of marketers’ primary objectives, an industry figure has suggested.

Andrea Orvis, group director of strategic services at e-Dialogue, explained that there are myriad ways in which companies can increase relevance, such as by “overlaying” existing email and website behavioural data with the preferences of their subscribers.

Commenting on Ris Media, Ms Orvis highlighted the importance of gathering essential consumer and B2B data in order to gain a clearer picture of customers’ habits. This will make it easier to tailor B2B marketing content to their individual needs.

“Examining behavioural data is an essential step towards increasing message relevance,” Ms Orvis stressed.

“As an email marketer, you likely already have easy access to important behavioural data.”

Ms Orvis went on to explain that open, click and conversion rates in particular are excellent ways of finding out about consumers’ behaviours. By analysing this information, marketers will ultimately be able to tailor their content more effectively.

A recent report from Return Path found that the average firm sends between nine and 11 messages a month to inactive subscribers.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing

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