Companies should value the existing clients on their B2B mailing lists, an expert has suggested.

George Derbyshire, chief executive of the National Federation of Enterprise Agencies, urged firms to appreciate the clients they already have a relationship with because it is usually much easier to sell to existing customers than to news ones.

Commenting on the BBC News website, he explained: “They know you and your products, so you’ve got a head start and the costs of servicing existing customers are much less than marketing to new ones.”

Mr Derbyshire also urged firms to make sure they have a loyalty strategy in place and that they always reward repeat business.

He suggested that companies can even go a step further and cultivate solid relationships through emails, newsletters and phone calls.

Firms were also advised to encourage existing customers to spread the word to their friends.

Writing in an article for, Stefan Topfer, chief executive and chairman of WinWeb, recently urged B2B marketing professionals to thoroughly research their corporate clients so they know how to target them appropriately with their marketing strategies.