A new survey reveals that many companies are still not sending relevant and tailored email content to their subscribers.

According to a report from Return Path, the average business sends between nine and 11 messages a month to inactive subscribers without carrying out adequate cleansing of their B2B mailing lists.

Only five out of the 40 (12.5 per cent) companies questioned said they have attempted to re-engage a dead lead though the use of a re-activating email and of those five, only one said they sent an email asking for permission to continue sending messages.

Moreover, none of the companies surveyed said they explicitly gave subscribers the option of changing their preferences of content or frequency and none of the re-activation messages were tailored based on the subscriber’s previous purchases.

According to Bonnie Malone, director of Response Consulting, firms eager to improve their relationships with their clients should learn to cultivate a meaningful dialogue with them and obtain crucial feedback from customers to improve their business.

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