An expert has warned marketers to make sure they secure their business data from security breaches.

Kevin Bocek, director of product marketing at IronKey, explained that business data is increasingly vulnerable as it leaves the safe confines of the data centre and moves beyond the enterprise.

He pointed out that stored data shared on a flash drive is most vulnerable and just a few simple steps such as encrypting data can prevent any breaches from occurring.

“Outside the enterprise network and away from the data centre, IT investments made to monitor data, protect data, and erect barriers to data access are of no use,” Mr Bocek maintained.

His comments come after the Information Commissioner’s Office recently published a report showing that it has received 1,000 reports of data loss, with 50 per cent of these cases coming from lost or stolen data or hardware.

The report found that many security breaches are caused by human or technical error such as mishaps with automation machines and staff sending data to the wrong person.

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