Data quality is a core concern not just for IT departments but for chief executives, Peter Wayner of the InfoWorld Test Center has stressed, as he examines the ways that keeping data clean can enhance business opportunities.

The latest data quality software ‘cleanses’ address details, bringing a sub-standard database up to date by checking all details are current and complete.

Seemingly minor differences can lead to false duplication of entries, Mr Wayner noted, but with the use of software, contacts named ‘Bob’, for example, can be harmonised with anyone with noticeably similar details such as someone named ‘Robert’.

At the same time, any risk of duplication between, for example, ‘St Paul’s St’ and ‘Saint Pauls Street’ is eliminated.

As well as putting right these minor glitches, data quality software brings whole address books up to date by updating dial codes.

Eradicating inaccurate, incomplete or duplicated data can be a critical first step in maximising a company’s ‘information advantage’, allowing an ambitious business to move on to gather new data and generate new sales.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18087884-ADNFCR

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