Using recipients’ first names in email messages can trigger spam alerts, an industry expert has warned.

According to marketing specialist Morgan Stewart, addressing sales leads personally is no longer a novelty and many recipients may view such messages with suspicion.

Writing in the Email Insider blog, he also pointed out that there is a greater chance of making a mistake when addressing people, especially given the fact that some people tend to sign up to mailing lists with fake names.

Mr Steward stressed that although personalisation can increase user engagement, relevance is key, so addressing a sales lead by name without ensuring that an email is properly tailored renders it largely meaningless.

“Personalisation only matters if it helps me as a customer,” he commented.

Wendy Lowe, director of product marketing for Campaigner, recently said that email marketing platforms allow marketers to extend the reach of their campaigns.

Writing on the Marketing Profs blog, she pointed out that email is such a powerful tool because it is proactive and brings content directly into recipients’ inboxes.

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