B2B direct marketing firms have been advised that direct mail campaigns do not have to be “flashy” to be effective.

According to marketing resource Blogcritics.org, marketers do not need to employ the most cutting-edge technology in their marketing campaigns – all they need to do is to make sure that content is well presented.

“That does not mean it has to be full colour and flashy, but it should be wisely packaged to get it opened and the content must flow right to be conducive to having prospects call you,” the web portal commented.

Marketers were also encouraged to use accurate and well targeted B2B mailing lists to ensure that their communications reach the correct destinations.

The website pointed out that open rates for well-put-together direct mail pieces can reach as high as seven per cent to nine per cent.

Direct mail can also be used in conjunction with other platforms such as email and telemarketing as part of an effective multichannel campaign.

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