Being overly concerned with formal rules of grammar is one of the pitfalls marketers make when devising their direct mail communications, an expert has suggested.

According to direct marketing consultant and lead generation specialist Ernest Nicastro, away from the classroom and in the real world, marketers should not be too preoccupied with maintaining formality at all times.

Writing in The 60 Second Marketer, he stressed that in order to have maximum effect, sales letters should be crafted in an informal and readable tone, in order to fully engage prospects.

“Instead of complete sentences you’ll sometimes use a sentence fragment but that’s OK,” Mr Nicastro explained.

“You’ll start sentences with ‘and’ or ‘but’ and every now and then, you’ll dangle a participle or end a sentence with a preposition.”

Writing in Sales Leads Experts, marketing specialist MH McIntosh recently advised marketers to consider hiring the expertise of professional proofreading companies to help them check copy for errors.

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