Marketers could be at risk of losing their customers base by ignoring old-fashioned manners, a new study suggests.

With businesses of all sizes looking to hold onto their client base during the current economic climate, research has found that 64 per cent of Britons feel that the recession is a good time to emphasis characteristics such as respect and honesty.

According to the First Direct study, while 40 per cent of those questioned preferred to use digital methods of communication such as email and social networking sites, there is still room for old-fashioned letters in B2B marketing.

Dr Gary Wood, a social psychologist and author, who worked with the bank for the study, commented: “There is great power to be found in the fine detail.

“Good manners and social courtesy cost nothing and can have a profound effect on other people.”

The role of new digital technologies, such as Twitter, in the B2B marketing industry was considered at the recent Knexus Digital Marketing Conversations round table.

Marketing experts found that there is a role for B2B companies to connect with new clients via social networking sites.


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