Fostering a positive online consumer relationship is a key factor in marketing, according to new research.

Foiyance and the London Business School collaborated in a study to discover that 96 per cent of companies questioned felt the online customer experience was more crucial than the offline one.

The study also showed that more than 70 per cent of FTSE 100 companies feel a good online consumer experience is more important than an offline one, reports website Mad.

Despite companies realising the importance of such an experience, many are still lacking in this area with only a third of respondents saying they had anyone responsible for managing the online customer experience.

Professor Chris Voss, from the London Business school, said: “This recognition of importance [of online experience] is currently not matched within the organisation.”

One of the main problems the study highlighted was the lack of one person to focus on the customer’s online experience while most organisations suffered from having multiple persons handling this area.

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