Marketers should not waste the opportunity to grab sales leads with a catchy subject line, an expert has said.

Andrew Robinson, vice-president of services at Lyris, reminded marketers that they typically only have 50 characters to capture prospects’ attention with their subject lines, so they have to make sure they get the message right.

Writing in Media Post, Mr Robsinson advised marketers to follow the example of newspaper headlines when trying to construct terse subject lines.

“A good headline and by extension, a good subject line, is short and intriguing enough to compel the reader to read on,” he commented.

“Where possible, the subject line should clearly state what readers can expect from your email: what’s in it for them or what you want them to do as a result.”

Copywriting expert Ernest Nicastro has previously warned marketers of the dangers of writing marketing copy using obscure language. Writing in Marketing Profs, he urged firms to use simple language, short words and brief sentences to convey their messages.

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