The government has taken steps to show the importance and effectiveness of direct marketing, by announcing it is to increase spending in this sector.

The announcement came this week as Central Office of Information (COI) chief, Alan Bishop, has said that the government is due to increase its direct marketing budget.

Mr Bishop said direct marketing was of particular importance.

“There’s more of a focus with direct marketing because the government wants to communicate directly with consumers to understand their needs and issues,” he said.

“It is set to increase, it’s not a case of online or offline but what works best and as more people use the Internet, online spend will rise.

“Advertising is still the single biggest expenditure but it is declining. Direct and digital are increasing as people switch their resources,” he added.

In total, the government spent £52 million on direct and digital marketing in the past year.

This figure showed that spending on direct and relationship marketing has increased by 11 per cent to £29.9 million.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18231465-ADNFCR

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