The government’s advertising headquarters is reviewing the ways in which it markets to ethnic minorities, the Guardian has reported.

The Central Office of Information (COI) is reassessing the ways in which it markets to groups such as African communities, asylum seekers and travellers.

The body will reconsider the group of ad agencies it employs to execute its advertising campaigns.

The COI’s head of black and minority ethnic communication, Patricia Macauley, was quoted by the Guardian as saying: “The UK’s population has evolved since 2004.

“For example, there has been a growing need to engage smaller communities now living in the UK, such as Angolan and Congolese.

“We are looking for agencies that have a real insight into the audiences and a proven track record in communicating with them effectively,” she added.

Blood donation, stop and search, forced marriages, fire safety, voter registration and illegal food imports are among the themes of previous COI campaigns.

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