Many government departments including the beleaguered HM Revenue & Customs are still failing on data laws, experts say.

Online identity firm Garlik submitted 14 Freedom of Information requests, which revealed that a number of departments including the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Defence lack basic identity protection systems.

The departments were exposed to lack written data protection policies, allocated funds set aside to rectify incorrect data and independent audits to check compliance of the Data Protection Act.

Only two departments – the House of Lords and the Serious Fraud Office – said they had a written policy in place for correcting inaccurate data.

Garlik’s chief executive Tom Ilube, who is the former chief information officer of internet bank Egg, said: “These admissions reflect a surprising disregard by government for the value of our personal information.

“These gaps and the absence of independent audits point to the root causes of the recent data breaches – a lack of robust accountability.”


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