There is greater potential for the government and supermarkets to market organic products and meet the rising demand, according to a new report.

Marketers may be very well missing out on a prime opportunity, the report from the Centre for Agriculture Strategy at the University of Reading found.

The report highlights how despite a huge demand for the production of organic foods, farmers in European countries such as Portgual, the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Italy are reluctant to grow them.

Philip Jones, Centre for Agricultural Strategy spokesman, said: “The UK has the third largest retail market for organic produce in the world. Yet, less than half of the produce we buy is home grown.”

It also highlights the need for governments and supermarkets to start marketing such organic products more heavily or else consumers may well become more distrustful of organic foods.

Organic food and drink sales grew by 11 per cent in 2004, according to figures from the Soil Association.

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