Marketing aimed at highlighting a firm’s green credentials is set to expand in the coming years, an industry expert has said.

John Elkington, co-founder of sustainable development company SustainAbility, believes that the public’s increased awareness of environmental issues has heralded a “new era” of marketing.

Commenting ahead of the national conference for marketers in London, Mr Elkington said: “Sustainability needs to be sold – to consumers, to customers and to investors. Truthfully, coherently, effectively, sexily.

“The marketing profession needs to wake up to the fact that we are entering a new era.”

His comments come as rising fuel prices make energy efficiency and eco-friendly measures more prominent in many people’s minds than ever before.

Mr Elkington believes that marketers should seize upon the opportunity this brings and points to the success of General Electric’s “ecomagination” and Wal-Mart’s green supply chains.

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