The most successful B2B marketing practitioners tend to be the ones with a finger on the pulse of the latest fads and trends making waves in the industry and in the news in general.

Eco-awareness and corporate social responsibility issues are among the most important issues in the world’s media today, with the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Cancun, Mexico later this year.

Given the press coverage given to eco issues, it would behove you to jump on this bandwagon and shout your eco credentials from the rooftops, lest you miss out on the myriad sales opportunities “greening” your business could offer.

Geri Stengel, founder of small business advice website Ventureneer, highlights industry research which shows that consumers are far more likely to view companies positively if they show a firm commitment to ethical and eco-friendly corporate behaviour.

“Retail customers, especially Generation Y and women, have indicated a strong preference – to the point of switching – for businesses that are socially responsible,” she comments on Marketing Profs.

Ms Stengel also says that firms can align themselves to eco-friendly causes and ask organisations they partner with to include their corporate logo in all their literature, which is a great way to get free exposure and attract the attention of potential sales leads.