Sending too many emails could have an adverse impact on a company’s image, an expert has warned.

Aaron Smith, co-founder of email marketing firm Smith-Harmon, pointed out that the more recipients are bombarded with email marketing messages, the more likely they are to unsubscribe from newsletters.

Speaking to BtoB Online, he maintained that sending emails too frequently could make people report the communications as spam. If this happens too often, brands risk having their reputations tarnished.

“Email is such a low-cost channel to send that people have the impression they can keep pulling that lever,” Mr Smith said.

“There’s a saturation level in the inbox that is unprecedented right now and you are far more likely to over saturate your [client base], upset them and turn them off.”

A previous study by MarketingSherpa found that B2B subscribers are twice as likely to consider email messages as spam if they are sent too frequently.

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