All advertisers worth their salt are aware of the importance of appealing to the emotions when promoting products.

An advertising campaign that evokes strong emotional reactions from readers is much more likely to grab their attention that the usual clichéd sales pitches crammed full of insincere and exaggerated prose.

It stands to reason, therefore, that this approach should also apply to B2B marketing professionals who want to increase their sales and maximise their conversion rates.

Heidi Cohen, president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, points out that in order to make your content talk-worthy on social media platforms, you need to add emotion and develop strong stories that are in line with your brand, all the while focusing on voice, language and image.

“Just telling people the basic facts about your offering doesn’t give them a reason to care,” Cohen stresses on the ClickZ blog. “How can you make your product’s story resonate with your target market?”

So before you send off that email to your B2B mailing lists, stop and ask yourself: “Is this message as thought-provoking and emotive as possible?”