Although it’s obvious that somewhere along the line of even the most automated mailing campaign a human has provided input, making this more obvious can massively boost an email‘s success rate, an expert has declared.

Marketing guru Chad White writing on Media Post’s Email Insider states that emails which indicate a human touch, from a signature to featuring employees, are much more successful from those that seem impersonal.

He even slates those that have a “conversational feel”, saying instead that a signature at the end from the founder makes a firm more approachable, while pictures of staff and customers are also – but not always – good ways to make people warm to a “human” organisation.

Citing Chris Baggott, Mr White states that “people don’t fall in love with institutions…Your chance of landing in a great relationship increases exponentially when you show a human side”.

Ways to do this include having individuals pick their favourite products or service in an email and give advice; call on outside experts or even celebrities to give advice and mention this in subject lines where possible; and “tap consumer-generated content” such as pictures and videos.

“Do you need to show a human face in every email? I don’t think so, but I do think that giving readers some face time every once in a while helps them bond with your brand,” concludes Mr White.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18144927-ADNFCR

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