I recently received a couple of emails from a company inviting me to a seminar. Nothing unusual there, I here you say. Well, this was specific to the food industry and related to supply chain issues. Again, nothing particularly unusual except that my business has absolutely nothing to do with the food industry or supply chain management!

Now this is costing this particular company money to send me these emails but even worse is that even though I unsubscribed after the first email I am STILL getting them. Apart from being very irritating this completely contravenes best practice*.

So, they are losing money on the data;
They are losing money on the broadcast;
And their company is losing all credibility.

It also points to the fact that they not effectively targeting their eshot. As I’ve previously highlighted they’re not sending their message to the right type of business and they’re also emailing the wrong person within the business as I have no part in our company’s decision making process.

When sending an email it is so important to your budget, your reputation and the effectiveness of your campaign to make sure you’re communicating with the correct target. Talking to your data supplier and taking the time to identify the relevant contacts within the relevant businesses can reap great rewards. Don’t be fooled into buying a cheap list of untargeted names where you won’t know what you are getting.

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