HSBC has signed a new marketing partnership with the Times which will promote its personal financial planning service by encouraging customers to think about their future.

The initiative is created by RMG Connect and includes a direct mail pack that incorporates a special edition of the Times written by Times journalists David Watts and Michael Binyon.

The pack will target 500,000 customers and is set in the future with dates that include Monday November 29th 2027.

The headlines have been written to reflect speculative future events, such as; “China set for £500bn London property bid”; “Jubilant Scots vow that 2036 Olympics will be best ever” and “Ireland is united at last'”

The editorial content aims to encourage HSBC customers between the ages of 45 and 62 to think about their financial future and to take advantage of HSBC’s free financial planning consultations.

Suzanne Aspden, head of direct marketing at HSBC told Precision Marketing: “We wanted to create a thought provoking piece that would prompt a conversation with people in the 45-65 age range; people who, like many of us, may not have started to plan their financial future yet.

“We need to get people to act on a potentially dull and quite serious task without patronising, irritating of overly selling them.”


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