HTML text is best for email marketing campaigns, a new report suggests.

A survey by Smith-Harmon found that using HTML text in navigation bars is more effective, as this increases the likelihood that copy will be viewed because more people are using programmes that block images by default.

The study also found that horizontal navigation bars are more common in emails than vertical ones, which are used by less than five per cent of retailers.

Aaron Smith, co-founder of Smith-Harmon, explained that horizontal navigation bars are more likely to be seen properly because of preview panes.

The company’s findings also showed that while 93 per cent of firms use navigation bars in their emails, just 19 per cent use any form of site search.

“We’ve found that search form usage rarely justifies the space required,” Mr Smith said. “However, a careful analysis of the pros and cons should be taken beforehand to confirm it makes sense for your organisation.”

A survey by the Email Experience Council found that one in five emails is rendered ineffective due to blocked images.

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