The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced new interactive advertising guidelines for its members.

The guidelines are designed to ensure users’ control over the use of personal information by advertisers and interactive media, while continuing improvement of the delivery of relevant marketing to consumers.

It is hoped that the privacy principles of data security, customer notice and choice will act as a blueprint for other marketing professionals that collect and use data to deliver relevant ads online or offline.

Among the principles are that customers should be provided “meaningful notice” about the information collected and used for interactive advertising and they should be given the opportunity to opt out.

Businesses are also required to utilise appropriate data security measures, be accountable to consumers and educate them about the benefits of interactive advertising.

IAB’s chief executive, Randall Rothenberg, said: “Research shows consumers value free internet services highly and prefer advertising that is relevant to their interests, but want guarantees that their personally identifiable information won’t be misused.”

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