Marketers should think about combining advertising strategies with direct marketing ploys, new research has suggested.

A global report from IBM was based on in-depth interviews and a survey conducted with 2,800 consumers across six countries.

The study found that 63 per cent of global chief marketing officers said that they will increase online marketing spend – in contrast 65 per cent expect to tighten their traditional advertising budgets.

It was concluded that advertisers struggling to measure a return on investment (ROI) on their activities could combine their current strategies with direct marketing for better results.

Co-author of the study Saul Berman, IBM global leader for strategy and change consulting services, explained: “To succeed – especially in the current economic environment – media companies will need to develop a new set of capabilities to support the industry’s evolving demands which include micro targeting, real-time ROI measurement and cross-platform integration.

“Now is the time for companies to move quickly to become more effective with their assets and build for the future.”

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