Email marketers should try and re-engage inactive email subscribers before it’s too late, an online resource has warned.

According to E-consultancy, it may be best to remove some inactive members from mailing lists because they can be the most likely to report emails as spam, but it is generally useful to try to “reel” defectors back in.

Offering free delivery, discounts and other incentives is a good way to try and tempt some inactive subscribers to start clicking through emails again.

E-consultancy also recommended that marketers should alter the frequency of their emails, as sending messages too often can put people off.

Open-and-click rates vary depending on the day and time emails are sent out, so the firm advised marketers to send emails earlier in the week to generate a better response, while always keeping content relevant.

“If subscribers aren’t responding to your emails, perhaps this is because they aren’t relevant to their interests,” E-consultancy explained.

“If you have obtained information on interests and preferences when they subscribed, use this to target your emails more effectively.”

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