More and more people are shopping from home due to the rising number of brand names uniting their offline catalogue campaigns with their online sales mechanisms, Experian said today.

A poll by the financial adviser found that 70 per cent of people have shopped in this most convenient of ways in the past year.

Some 80 per cent of these are what Experian terms ‘flick to click’ shoppers, meaning they went online after spotting their desired product in a catalogue.

Mark Peacock, home shopping consultant at Experian Integrated Marketing, said: “It’s critical that companies blend their online and offline capabilities to achieve long-term growth.”

He added: “Our research should act as a major wake-up call for brands still thinking about using integrated marketing techniques, simply because it works and consumers are embracing the mix of old and new media.”

‘Flick to click’ sales of home goods and furnishings grew by a staggering 509 per cent in the last 12 months, with men’s fashion rising by a none-too-shabby 347 per cent over the same period.

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