Email marketing firms should consider linking their advertising material with internet chatter, it has been claimed.

Neil M Rosen, president of eWayDirect, says that billions of online conversations take place every day, but many email marketing firms are unaware that they can identify and target potential customers through internet chat.

Writing for DM News, he says: “Most marketers let the chatter go on around them without understanding how they might tap into those conversations with relevant content and offers.”

Mr Rosen said email marketing firms should investigate whether ‘chatter marketing’, which incorporates technology that triggers specific marketing content in real-time based on consumer actions, would enhance their business.

He said an example of chatter marketing would be an advertising email which would automatically be sent out when a person viewed a company’s product on a website such as YouTube.

eWayDirect is a full-service email marketing service provider, which builds and supports proprietary internet-based software applications.

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