Marketers have been advised to keep their campaigns entertaining if they are to win over consumers.

Following on from the news that consumers are increasingly warming up to the idea of receiving online marketing in exchange for free content, a new report from the Internet advertising Bureau (IAB) suggests that many people want to be entertained and not just informed of products or services.

In particular, this trend was especially noted among younger consumers, while older people tended to prefer relevant and informative adverts.

Commenting on the findings, David Day, European chief executive of Lightspeed Research, which collaborated on the study, stated: “This research shows what different age groups look for in adverts and what stimulates their interest.

“It is clear younger people are interested in more entertaining adverts and it is important that marketers adapt their messages to appeal to their target audiences.”

Meanwhile, the study also found marketing initiatives incorporating special offers to be a winner across all age groups.

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