Companies that do not advertise during a recession run the risk of being perceived as struggling, new research shows.

The findings of a poll conducted by Ad-ology Research reveal that nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents would think that a firm is having financial difficulties if they do not advertise.

Companies that continue advertising however, benefit from a better public perception. Around 43 per cent of respondents believe a firm that is publicised is committed to doing business, while 30 per cent view the organisation as being competitive.

“It is critical to advertise in the current economic climate, to maintain long-term positive perception of your brand,” commented C L Smith, president and chief executive of Ad-ology Research.

He added that advertising not only reinforces the perception that a company is reliable during turbulent economic times, but it can also promote business.

According to Annopack Mailing Management and Data Services, direct mail is crucial to business success and firms that use the platform are more likely to succeed than firms who do not.

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