Marketing professionals who claim to know little about the benefits of B2B email marketing should do all they can to find out about this form of consumer contact, it has been claimed.

Cordell Brewer wrote in a post for Biz Community that the impressive results that can be achieved through B2B email marketing speak for themselves and, as such, to be unaware of this growing marketing area is to be behind the times.

He noted: “For a professional marketer or advertising person to be blissfully unaware of a tool that routinely provides a 48-times return on investment is just unforgiveable.”

Mr Brewer added that increasingly creative uses of the medium are likely to come to the fore as more marketing professionals embrace B2B email marketing.

Elsewhere, Matt McNeill, chief executive officer of, recently argued that providing information-rich correspondence to clients is often the best way to boost click through and open rates in B2B email marketing campaigns.

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