An industry expert has highlighted the importance of lead scoring systems to properly qualify sales leads.

Justin Gray, chief executive and founder of LeadMD, said that a lead scoring methodology extends the marketing cycle further into the sales funnel, which allows sales representatives to close more business at a lower cost per lead.

Lead scoring allows marketers to assign different scores to prospects, which in turn, enables them to be adequately sorted and prioritised.

An effective lead-scoring system begins with a dialogue between marketing and sales to define the criteria that characterise a qualified lead.

“It allows the A leads to be sent directly to sales, while routing B, C, and D leads back to marketing to be placed in a nurturing programme,” Mr Gray commented on the Marketing Profs blog.

He added that firms should also determine whether or not sales leads already exist in their systems. If they do, marketers are advised to find out which campaigns they have already participated in.

A recent report from Royal Mail and the Small Business Research Centre at Kingston University found that marketers can obtain crucial advice and feedback from their sales leads and customers.