LeadPro Email Marketing has launched a new conversion tracking feature designed to enable marketers to trace the lead conversion from email marketing campaigns without third party tracking tools.

The feature allows marketers to track the conversion from a lead to an opportunity and to view the email marketing return on investment immediately.

Customers will also be able to view conversion tracking and campaign analytics reports in one place, without having to switch between applications.

LeadPro also provides custom configuration and consulting services for customers who need assistance implementing LeadPro for advanced email marketing and lead management purposes.

Experts believe that the conversion feature will be a major advantage for advertising agencies, web publishers and marketers alike to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and gauge their return on investment.

LeadPro is an on-demand integrated database, allowing customers to capture, distribute, follow-up and track sales leads, manage opt-in and unsubscribe processes, organise email marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness.

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