Direct marketing campaigns conducted without any quality leads could damage the brands they are supposed to promote, an industry expert has said.

According to the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM), if a firm sends out information about a product that is related to a customer but inappropriate for them, the consequences could be disastrous for its brand.

Without any quality leads, it is difficult to know what impact a promotion is having and firms don’t know whether anybody “receptive” is actually receiving the information that is being sent out.

Ren Kapur, director of corporate development at the ISMM, said: “Everybody gets some direct marketing that they do not want, but if it is something that could be useful to you and you find that you are being sent entirely the wrong products it has a negative effect.”

Research by the Fournaise Group reveals that marketers around the world continue to rank direct marketing as the number one medium for marketing effectiveness, despite the channel accounting for less than 35 per cent of all global marketing and communication spend.

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