Direct marketers using email as part of their campaigns should be careful not to be too pushy with recipients, an expert has claimed.

Carrie Hill of Search Engine Watch has recommended offering unresponsive targets the chance to unsubscribe, pointing out that this technique may actually gain some leads.

Ms Hill advised direct marketers to identify targets that have not registered an interest yet and contacting them proposing to take their name off the mailing list.

She explained: “Send them an e-mail stating you’ve seen they’ve bounced a lot, and you don’t want to bother them if they aren’t interested.

“You’ll lose some, but your concern may be the tactic that gets them on board with you.”

The segmentation of entries on business lists, according to location and transactional history was also a good idea, Ms Hill suggested.

Recently-released figures from Eloqua estimate that 75 per cent of companies will increase their online marketing spend in 2009.

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