Marketers have become more strategic in the past three years and have helped to drive innovation and new business developments at their organisations, a new report has found.

A joint study by the Association of National Advertisers and BtoB Online surveyed 383 marketers including 167 B2B professionals and found that 70 per cent of marketing firms have been reorganised in the past three years.

For firms that had undergone a reorganisation, 62 per cent of B2B marketers cited marketing communications as the primary role of marketing prior to reorganisation.

The survey also found that just 14 per cent of B2B marketers cited strategy and innovation as their primary role before reorganisation, while 24 per cent identified these elements as a main goal after reorganisation.

Asked how often “marketing makes strategic decisions at their organisations”, 48 per cent said either “always” or “most of the time”.

Bob Durstenfeld, director of PR at RAE Systems, said: “A good marketer has to sustain awareness at several levels. If you’re not out there with your radar on all the time, you’re not going to be invited to the table.”

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