Online platforms are becoming a popular tool among marketers during the current economic climate, an expert has suggested.

According to Craig Klein, chief executive of SalesNexus, marketers are exploiting web-based platforms because they are effective and relatively inexpensive.

Running concurrently with this popularity of online platforms is a propensity for tried and tested offline direct mail and a willingness to combine different media into cross-channel marketing techniques.

Mr Klein pointed out that businesses keen to exploit the many benefits of online marketing may not know where to start but should always ensure that they cultivate leads and nurture their existing clients.

Steven Greene, SalesNexus’ marketing services partner, added: “It’s not the prospects that you encountered last week that need attention, everybody follows up on those.

“The prospects that came to you months ago are where many businesses miss sales and profit opportunities.”

Expert Dennis Failly recently commented in Visionary Marketing that prospective strategies are crucial to staying one step ahead of competitors.

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