A growing number of marketers are struggling to adequately measure the success of their campaigns, a new survey suggests.

A poll of chief financial and marketing officers by Xerox found that many professionals are having difficulty gauging the combined impact of their online and offline marketing strategies, with 43 per cent hamstrung by poor online measurement systems.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) of chief marketing officers said they see online marketing as a good way to make communications more personalised, yet 46 per cent conceded that poor understanding of digital media prevents them from investing in digital marketing.

Peter Romaine, director and general manager of Xerox Global Services, said: “The results of this survey suggest that if marketers could extract the right knowledge from measurement and then communicate it well to the board, they could protect themselves from budget cuts.”

A recent survey by Eyeblaster and TNS found that a third of marketers see lack of technology as the main factor preventing them from adopting cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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