Email marketers now have enough information at their disposal to target sales leads as effectively as possible, it has been suggested.

Jon Maddison, UK country director at Epsilon, said the industry as a whole has come a long way over the last few years and email is now much more relevant to recipients’ needs and interests.

He urged email marketers to include dynamic content in the email itself in order to make sure that not only the campaign as a whole is relevant, but the specific details in the message are tailored to recipients as well.

“One of the advantages is that anyone who receives an email has subscribed to it,” Mr Maddison said, “they’re expecting it – in theory they are pleased to see it; if they don’t like it they have a very simple opt-out mechanism.”

A recent report published by industry body the Direct Marketing Association found that 64 per cent of 1,860 consumers questioned said they find less than one in ten of the marketing emails they receive interesting or relevant.

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