Marketers in the north of England are the most positive about their profession and their career prospects, according to a new survey.

Research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has discovered that 56 per cent of northern marketing professionals believe the business they work in will improve in 2006.

The CIM findings also showed a marked improvement in industry sentiment as in September 2005 just 45 per cent of marketers were positive regarding the future of the business.

And marketers in the region are expecting their sales growth to improve also from +5.9 per cent up to +7.3 per cent, while a third of marketers feel they will see a sales growth of more than 11 per cent for the rest of the financial year.

More than half of all northern businesses (54 per cent) believe marketing work to be a “high priority” within the firm, which matches the overall UK consensus of 59 per cent of companies.

Diana Clare, regional director for the CIM in the north, said: “None of the findings in this report are surprising and I am pleased to see that in this day and age of high technology and strict regulations, marketers in the north haven’t forgotten their basics, that of the all important customer.”

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