B2B marketing professionals are increasingly incorporating video into their marketing mix, new trends reveal.

Jonathan Milne, EMEA senior director of sales and operations at video technology firm Ooyala, explained that brands and companies can see that audience demand for videos is growing, so they are striving to meet this rising interest.

“Marketers and brands want to use video even more as they see audiences headed that way, so online video has moved from something new and unusual right into the mainstream,” he commented in Marketing Week.

Mr Milne went on to explain that fortunately for firms, the video platform is highly measurable – it allows companies to gauge what people are watching and for how long. It also enables them to measure interactions, because they will know when people click on something.

He urged marketers to consider the various ways in which online video has moved beyond the computer and is converging with other platforms such as televisions, mobile phones and other handheld devices such as the iPad.