Brand-owners are increasingly using suppression products to fight negative publicity and legislative pressures, according to new research.

A survey of the UK’s leading bureaux offering suppression revealed that 60 per cent have experienced a rise in client uptake within the last 12 months.

This is largely owing to the significant cost implications associated with sending untargeted direct marketing mail.

A greater awareness about the brand damage caused by mailing the deceased or people that have moved was ranked as the second biggest factor.

Independent estimates suggest that on average, around 170,000 mailings are delivered every day to people who are dead.

Karen Webster, product director at Mortascreen said: “I am delighted that 60 per cent of bureaux have seen an increase in the uptake of suppression services over the last year as it indicates that suppression is climbing higher up the direct marketing agenda.

“Through their bureaux brands can actively show that they are making a concerted effort towards more targeted campaigns, benefiting both the consumer and themselves.”

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