A marketing expert has urged companies to fully exploit and take advantage of the creative potential of direct mail.

Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail, said marketers need to keep up with the changing face of direct mail as it continues to evolve.

“Gone are the days when a long copy letter or voucher book were the only things on offer to direct marketers, or a large proportion of posted marketing material was dismissed by detractors as ‘stuff that folds’,” Mr Thomson commented in Marketing Week.

He explained that marketers are now afforded a wide variety of channels ranging from direct response press advertisements to various online applications and tools.

Mr Thomson went on to explain that direct mail is flexible, as the time and space constraints of other media platforms do not apply to it.

Earlier this month, marketing expert Russell Parsons stressed that direct mail marketers need to innovate and complete offline techniques with other platforms in order to prevent the channel from going into decline.