Direct marketing professionals need to make sure that they keep up with the pace of the rapidly evolving media landscape, an expert has said.

Chris Combemale, executive director of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), said the proliferation of digital platforms and social media means that businesses and organisations need to be responsible for managing their own brand reputation, reports Marketing Week.

Speaking at the DMA’s annual networking lunch, Mr Combemale urged brands to ensure that their direct marketers have “the right skillset for the modern direct mail world”.

He went on to explain that at least every six months there is a transformation in the industry and new media channels emerge, so direct marketers must learn about these and incorporate them into their operations.

Although it may be difficult to keep abreast with the latest developments within the marketing industry, Mr Combemale said companies should strive to make sure they are up-to-date and maintain knowledge about how corporate behaviour can leverage new developments.

A recent fast.MAP study commissioned by the B2 Group found that almost half of firms questioned use web-based applications as part of their marketing mix.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing