An industry expert has urged marketers to listen carefully to the conversations of their sales leads so they can tailor their marketing content to them as appropriately as possible.

According to Alex Lustberg, vice-president of professional services at Overtone, effective listening and insights analysis allow marketers to track not just the volume but also the meaning of online conversations across various consumer interactive channels.

He pointed out on the MarketingProfs blogs that one of the most popular ways of making sense of customer conversations is to track the presence of keywords within a “defined universe of brand conversations”, for example, social networks, online communities and forums.

Mr Lustberg conceded that although that particular method highlights text where individual keywords are being used, it us unable to automatically evaluate comments for topics, themes or sentiment.

“Nevertheless, many companies have implemented keyword systems as a first step to help sift through large volumes of consumer-generated content on the social web,” he added.