Internet users are turning away from ‘spam marketing messages’ received through social networking sites, a new study has revealed.

According to new figures compiled by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), around one in three users of sites such as Facebook and MySpace are now frustrated at marketers’ efforts to win them over by sending them requests to join new groups or try out new applications.

Despite this, 28 per cent of those people polled stated that they would be willing to join a new group, even if it is brand-led, if it were to offer exclusive content.

With companies now having a presence on social media and using the technology for business-to-business relationships, the study could have implications for the wider marketing industry.

“Despite its popularity this study shows that respect for the user is just as important in social media, users will not respond to spam or irrelevant advertising,” the group’s senior marketing manager Amy Kean stated.

Earlier this month, the European Commission initiated proceedings against the UK over the planned rollout of the behavioural advertising technology Phorm.

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