The majority of consumers want advertising that is relevant to them but do not want their online activity tracked in order receive it, new research shows.

Some 57 per cent of respondents say that they are not comfortable with behavioural tracking even if it is carried out anonymously, according to a Truste study conducted by TNS.

Some 42 per cent said they would sign up for an online registry that blocks advertisers from tracking their online behaviour, while 64 per cent would choose to see online ads only from trusted brands and sites.

The findings revealed a high level of awareness about behavioural tracking methods – 71 per cent of respondents said they are aware that their browsing information may be collected by a third party for advertising purposes.

In addition, 74 per cent know about online security risks and threats to privacy, while 96 per cent said privacy is at least somewhat important to them.

“Behavioural targeting has to be made more transparent, provide choice and deliver real value,” said Fran Maier, director of Truste.

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