Having a practical long-term strategy in place is essential when it comes to implementing a successful marketing campaign, an expert has said.

Mike May, head of insights at Real Magnet, stressed that firms need to have a “long view” when devising their marketing content and putting together potential incentives for their consumers.

Writing on MediaPost’s Email Insider blog, he highlighted the importance of putting enough time and effort into marketing strategies, because quick wins and short cuts ultimately do not pay off.

“You can probably imagine how your subscribers (and competitors) will react to one too many emails that miss its strategic mark or don’t deliver on the promise you made to people when they signed up,” Mr May said.

A recent survey conducted by Alterian found that one in four marketers believe the biggest obstacle they face is combining online with offline channels and conducting database marketing.

The same proportion of marketers said they face considerable challenges when it comes to assessing or managing internal infrastructure.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing

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