Marketers should use behaviour and not demographics to segment their database, an industry expert has advised.

According to E-consultancy’s Matthew Finch, behaviour “provides insight” and marketers should focus their attention on monitoring which emails customers open and read, what they click on and how frequently they respond to emails.

Each response can be tracked and recorded in marketers’ databases, giving an insight into customers’ preferences and insight into possible future purchases.

Mr Finch also said that behavioural information allows marketers to develop a “toolbox of techniques to improve the relevance of your online marketing, delivering for one client a 600 per cent uplift”.

The significance of gaining insight from other channels was also highlighted by Mr Finch, who advised marketers to monitor the most popular webpages, comments on blogs, search engine activity and display advertising response rates.

“It’s easy to focus solely on the email activity and ignore the other influencers, but the web offers a wealth of information that could impact your email messaging,” Mr Finch wrote.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18526885-ADNFCR

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